Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Creativity Run Amok

I revel in the opportunity homeschool provides my children to to develop and exercise creativity. Any time I am not sitting down with them actively doing schoolwork, their little brains gravitate towards delightful building and play. I love seeing their Lincoln Log constructions, Lego achievements, snow forts, and blanket forts. (OK, I'll be totally honest. Perhaps blanket forts aren't always my favorite because they usually involve large amounts of space, time and eventual clean-up...clean-up that often requires persistent parental prodding.)

I think their creativity is wonderful and I am glad they have so much time to dream, experiment, and build.
Jake sat down one day with cardboard, foam, tape, and fabric and sewed this couch for Grace's dollhouse.
Then one day Jake's creative energies got directed to paper airplanes. He searched the internet for ideas, pulled books out of our library, and tried model after model. Soon our living room was strewn with tools and hardware while he constructed a little launch pad.

By afternoon he was sailing missiles through the living room and over and down the stairs. A few of us were hit while he perfected his flight pattern, and my floor looked like this.
Creativity requires thought, work, and patience. Lots and lots of patience.

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