Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Why God Gave Us Families

It was a Tuesday morning, the kids had finished their morning school work, and I was hurriedly trying to fold a load of laundry before lunch. Suddenly I heard a little voice from the stairs behind me say, "Watch me!" I turned to see Emma on the stairs.
Emma has recently been working to perfect her stair-climbing skills. In this instance, she wanted an audience to applaud her. An audience is just what she got. Abby heard her, turned, and started cheering and calling others to join.

Emma beamed as she walked down the stairs. Abby and Grace encouraged her to turn around and do it again, and she did. Everyone cheered and clapped, and Emma just lapped up all that attention.
It was a joyful moment for all of us, and I couldn't help thinking that is part of why God gave us families. Families can be a built-in cheering section. They support, encourage, and urge us on. They lift us up and love us when we're down.

Of course, God and His angels cheer us from the other side, but we don't always hear them. So He gave us families.
I sure love this family God gave me!

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