Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Homeschool Highlights: International Space Station

A few weeks ago we blasted off into our new astronomy unit with a week spent learning about the International Space Station and an evening spent pretending to be astronauts. It was pretty fun.

We started by reading Floating in Space and The International Space Station by Franklyn Branley. Both are short, easy reads that help kids understand some basics about being an astronaut.

Cameron stopped by an Emergency Essentials store and picked up some MREs, and we had a little astronaut evening. I told the kids their footie jammies would have to be their space suits for the evening. Then I taped their feet to the floor so they wouldn't float away while they were eating. (Admittedly my kids weren't too fond of being tied down. The tape job didn't last too long.)
We dipped our MREs in hot water and got them out one by one and let everyone try some of each.
Most of them weren't too bad. One or two of them were pretty good.
The fried rice was completely inedible.
After we had all filled up on those we pulled out some astronaut desserts, and everyone liked those, of course.
Freeze dried cheesecake and ice cream taste just as sweet as their hydrated counterparts.
Then we trooped downstairs for some astronaut exercise so all of our muscles wouldn't atrophy while we were orbiting around earth. Once again, everyone had to be strapped onto the exercise bike so they didn't take to air mid pedal.

Astronauts sleep in sleeping bags that are tied down so they don't float around. We taped some sleeping bags to the floor and let our kids enjoy a little cosmic slumber party. They loved it.
We are all set to travel around the solar system for the next few months! 3-2-1-Blast off!

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