Monday, April 27, 2015

My Little Tom Sawyer

Cameron had just come home with big news for Jake--he gets to go to his first day at cub scout camp this summer! Jake was over-the-moon excited, which made the next bit of news a bit easier to handle--we would be expecting him to work to pay for half of his fees to attend (a grand total of $10.) We have recently been installing a new fence and rearranging our front yard, so Cameron told Jake we would pay him $10 to move all the rocks in the front yard.

Jake eagerly ran outside, and we assumed he was getting right to work. We were wrong.

Minutes later he came inside, retrieved a can of coins that he keeps in his room, and headed back out. Our little entrepreneur had agreed with his friend across the street that he would pay him $1 to move rocks.

When I went out the next day I saw Jake standing by watching while his friend pushed on a crowbar to dislodge rocks.
Jake's friend hard at work
Not one but two neighbor boys working while Jake is MIA
I'm a big fan of reading classic literature to my kids. But I think the story of Tom Sawyer getting everyone else in town to paint the fence for him so he wouldn't have to is one we can skip. Jake's already got those lessons mastered.

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