Monday, April 20, 2015

In the Doghouse

Abby is a born mother. She has a naturally sweet, nurturing personality, and she is always looking for someone or something to care for.

Sometimes it's her little sister.
Emma really didn't love being pushed around in the girls' shopping cart, but such is the lot of the little sister. 
Sometimes it's our neighbor's two-year-old. Or our other neighbor's cats.

She's tried to convince us that she needs a pet. We haven't gone for the bait. So she has resigned herself to building dog cages, pens, and houses everywhere she goes. She cuts cardboard boxes, lines them with blankets, and fills them with stuffed animals.

This particular doghouse has (ironically enough) been sitting in our master bedroom for a couple weeks now.
I guess if I'm going to have a doghouse in my room, this is the best kind.

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