Monday, May 4, 2015

Thank Goodness for Dads

Recently we were at the park playing with the kids. I had gone to retrieve something from the car, and when I came back I found Cameron assisting Emma as she climbed up to a slide. Admittedly, it wasn't something I would have helped her climb up. I would have worried about her falling, worried that it was too high, worried that it was risky. I would have helped her find the stairs--a much safer option. And so as I watched Cameron and Emma ascend together I thought, "This is why kids need a dad."

God knew what he was doing when He created families. He knew that kids would need moms. Moms are generally good at loving, nurturing, and (occasionally) coddling. And that is why He also gave kids dads. Dads are good at helping kids to reach higher...
To keep on keepin' on...
To get back in the saddle and try again...
And to ultimately achieve greater heights.
I am grateful for my dad. And I am oh so grateful for this wonderful husband of mine who is such a fabulous dad for our kids. They are lucky to have him. I am lucky to have him. Thank goodness for dads!

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