Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Just Call Me Sunbeam

Our summer was dominated by the presence of lots of little neighbor friends. Sometimes they all hung like monkeys from our backyard swing set. Sometimes, when the temperatures got a little too warm, our basement became a hide-and-seek battleground. Generally the kids were all good and I enjoyed hosting everyone.
Abby with some of the neighborhood boys
One day I stepped into the backyard to snip some onion from my herb garden. Jake and three friends were in the back by the swing set. On seeing me one of them started loudly calling out to the others, "Alert! Alert! Sunbeam! Alert! Sunbeam!"

Hmm. Subtler than a bowling ball on your little toe. Just call me Sunbeam.

Hopefully they can brush up on their detective skills before trying to ward off any more suspicious characters.

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