Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I Hope You Get a Child Like You

Wondering where I've been the last seven months? Check out this new page. For now, here is a piece I wrote last winter but never posted:

Recently Grace was helping me clean the bathroom floor. She approached the task with the same vigor and endless energy that she does everything else in life. As I watched her serious expression while she scrubbed with all her toddler might, I couldn't help but smile and think, "Oh, Grace, I hope when you grow up you get a child just like you." Grace is the source of endless smiles and laughter around here. Her enthusiasm brings us much joy.

That night Jake overheard me telling Cameron how hungry I had been before dinner. Thinking the same might still be true, he dashed off to secretly make me a sandwich then raced in to present it to me. My boisterous, affectionate, passionate Jacob--I hope when you grow up you get a child just like you. Every parent should have a kid who hugs so tightly and writes such wonderful love notes. I feel like such a lucky mom.
The same day Abby decided it was time (in the middle of a blustery winter day) to have a picnic in the backyard with Grace. Ignoring my warnings about outside temperatures, they bundled up in coats, scarves, gloves, and sun bonnets and set out with apple slices and a basket full of toy food. I love Abby's active imagination. I love watching her play. I love hearing her delightful little giggle. I hope when she grows up she gets a child just like her.
And then there is my sweet baby Emma. She smiles, laughs, and doesn't complain about being schlepped about from one destination to the next for all of our family's different obligations. She is mild and sweet and a great source of joy and laughter. I love nuzzling her and whispering to her that she is my little slice of heaven. It's true. I hope when she grows up she gets a baby just like her.
Young motherhood is exhausting, but through it all our children bring us much joy and satisfaction. I hope when they grow up they all get children just like themselves.

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