Thursday, December 20, 2012

Like Him

It all began on the first Father's Day after Jake was born. I got Jake a red bow tie to match the tie Cameron had from our wedding. I thought my boys were so handsome that day.
That was the first of many times through the years that they have dressed alike. They seem to both like it. A few weeks ago when Jake wanted to dress like Cameron for church we paused for a photo.
Then the girls wanted to join the fun.
As I looked at these beautiful people I love so much, something tugged at my heart strings. How many more years will Jake want to dress like Cameron? How many more years will Abby talk about how she's going to marry Daddy? How many more years will Grace feel seriously snubbed if Cameron forgets to give her a kiss whenever he comes home or leaves to go somewhere? How many more years will they want to be with us and like us?

Of course, in the end we hope they don't grow up to be like us at all but like Christ. We hope that as we work and strive and learn ways to use the Atonement and grow more like Him, our children will follow suit. We hope that the more Cameron and I try to be like Jesus, the more our children will feel His love reflected through us. We hope that we can lead them to Him. Hopefully in the end they won't want to look like us or be like us at all. They'll want to be like Him.

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