Monday, December 24, 2012

O Come Let Us Adore Him

We will be spending Christmas Eve morning this year cooking and serving breakfast at the local Ronald McDonald House. Early in the year I was praying about how to help one of our kids, and I felt that we needed to provide them more service opportunities. We did a bit of research and felt good about the Ronald McDonald House.

For those who aren't aware, Ronald McDonald Houses are built around the world to serve families of sick kids who are staying in nearby hospitals. They provide a temporary group home for these families who are enduring medical trauma. After our little road trip to San Francisco a few years ago, we have a lot of compassion for people in these circumstances. We were incredibly blessed that during my cancer adventure Cameron's parents came to San Francisco to care for us and help with Jake, and Cameron's Aunt Kim and Uncle Craig provided a place for us to stay, love, and warm meals when we weren't in the hospital. We will always love all of them for the way they jumped to care for us.

The first time we made breakfast at the Ronald McDonald House I struck up a conversation with a young mother from Idaho. I asked about her baby, and the woman told me the baby was four months old and had cancer in her eye. They were going to the doctor that day to find out whether she would need to have her whole eye removed.

What would it be like to be told that your beautiful baby daughter has cancer and might need to lose an eye?

I told her my story and indicated which of my eyes is a prosthesis. She commented that she felt a lot better after seeing my eye and talking to me. I hope that she went to their doctor's appointments that day with a bit more hope.
The Babe born in Bethlehem so long ago whose birth we celebrate each year with gifts and carols lives today and guides our lives.
He sent dozens of people to my rescue during my cancer ordeal.

And He sent me to a local Ronald McDonald House this year to comfort a young mother whose baby had cancer, too.
O, come let us adore Him.

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