Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Hike of Life

A couple weeks ago we took the kids on a hike through an incredible slot canyon in southern Utah. We started early loaded down with water, snacks, and lots of energy. The path wandered over and through a lot of water, and we maneuvered around rocks, tree roots, and rivers as we went. I couldn't help thinking how much hiking is like life.

Out in nature you can see how plants and animals adapt to survive in their environments. (People are like that, too, of course.)
Aren't those tree roots amazing?
Sometimes the path is rocky and you stumble and totally soak yourself in the stream. You can choose to be grumpy. Or you can choose to be grateful the water cooled you off a bit.
At times little people (and their adults) start to wonder how much longer this path is going to last. At times it's good to have a chance to remind ourselves that we can do hard things.

At times in hikes and in life people feel tired. And everyone feels better when offered a little bit of encouragement. "Don't worry, you're almost there." "You'll be fine. Just keep going." "You're doing a great job!" (Doesn't life better when we talk to each other that way?)
Sometimes in life and on hikes you just need a hand to hold, someone to help you keep trucking along.
Eventually we stopped and found a nice spot for lunch, and we tried to share some of this wisdom with our kids. Maybe they understood some of it that day. Maybe some of it they will discover as they go through life.

Life can be rocky, but we can do hard things. Help someone along. Let someone help you along. The path feels nicer for everyone that way.


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