Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wonderful Worms

The kids had just returned from their ritual routine of running to the end of the street to wave goodbye to Cameron as he drove past. On their way back they encountered some friends heading off to school. One of those friends gave Abby a little present.

Abby came running in the door and plopped a nice handful of worms right on the kitchen counter in front of me.

"Look, Mom! I got some worms!" Glee and enthusiasm radiated everywhere.

I had an immediate choice to make. I could

A) Feel complimented that my daughter knows I am interested enough in her life that she feels comfortable dropping a bunch of worms on my kitchen counter.

B) Wonder how I have somehow failed to teach my daughter better habits of cleanliness. Worms on my kitchen counter? Really?

C) Try to maintain a measure of calm while I ask her to please remove the worms from my kitchen counter.

I chose all three.

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