Monday, September 28, 2015

Bugs Beware

It all started out in the beginning of the summer when Abby and Grace were catching whatever roly poly potato bug they could get their hot little hands on. Then they started catching grasshoppers, building homes for them, and naming them. Life hasn't been the same since.

Recently Cameron helped Abby start a bug collection. Some of the bugs she has caught around our yard or house. One of the bugs Cameron found in his parking lot at work and brought home for her. Abby has learned the intricate process of catching bugs, putting them in an asphyxiation jar, and waiting a day or two. (Careful! If you don't leave them in long enough, the fresh air that rushes in when you lift that lid will wake them right up.) Then they pin those little buggers and label them.

All of this bug cataloging activity has been closely followed by Cameron helping Abby put holds on all kinds of bug encyclopedias from the library.
At night sometimes I find them snuggled on the couch reading about some pretty gross bugs and looking at pictures that would give most kids her age nightmares. (I think they actually do give Grace nightmares.)

Then Abby and Dad went to the store for a net to catch more bugs for her collection. Now on the weekends Abby will beg Cameron to help her catch more bugs.
Bugs beware. If the looming cold weather doesn't catch them, Abby will.

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