Monday, August 31, 2015

Quiet Milestones

Milestones constantly whiz past us as mothers, don't they? Some are momentous, like a baby's first steps, first words, or first time to sleep through the night. Others tiptoe past us so quietly we might miss them. We had one of those recently.

It was a lovely, late-summer morning, and Grace and Abby had set up kiddie tents, blankets, and dolls in the backyard to pretend they were on a camp out. Jake was at a friend's house, and I was puttering around the kitchen trying to get a few things done. After a minute I started to wonder where Emma was. I looked outside and found this.
My sweet little toddler with glaucoma (and extreme light sensitivity) had wandered outside without sunglasses, without being carried, and without burying her head in my shoulder. This was a milestone that I wondered when we would ever reach, and I wanted to capture the moment forever in my heart. Thank goodness for cameras (and blogs) that make such things possible.

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