Monday, August 17, 2015

What It's Like to Be Four

Do you ever stop and wonder what it's like in your child's shoes? I'm pretty sure I don't think about this nearly enough. I'm also sure that if I did I would be an even better parent.

What is it like to be four? Well, at our house it means waking up in the morning and spending some time playing house with your sisters and a large assortment of dolls and stuffed animals. (Our girls usually like to tell me how old their "kids" are. Often one of them is the mother to at least one set of twins.)
After that you probably spend some time riding your bike around the neighborhood, swinging on the swings, digging in the sandbox, or catching insects to temporarily adopt as pets.
By lunchtime you are starting to feel worn out from so many hours of fun, but it's hard to stop now, right? After catching a quick meal on the run, you head out for more outside time with your siblings and neighborhood friends.

This means that shortly before dinner you are so exhausted from all of this wonderful playtime that you collapse on the couch in whatever clothes, dress-up outfit, or swimsuit you are currently wearing.
Grace has actually slept through dinner a couple times this way. Once we moved her to bed and she slept through the night. 

What's it like to be four? I can't really say, but from a bird's eye view it seems like a pretty good deal.

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