Monday, March 9, 2015

Dishwasher Wars

Does the sight of another load of dishes waiting to be unloaded make you want to cry, scream, or raid your chocolate supply?

Are your kids ever less than enthused about helping clean the kitchen?

Or am I alone in wishing the kitchen fairy found my house a little more often?

Well, welcome to Dishwasher Wars, our current solution to kitchen clean up angst!

It all started when Cameron challenged Jake to see how quickly they could unload the dishwasher together. He claimed that when he was growing up he and his mom could put away a load in two minutes.

The result?
I decided that this had too much potential to let rest, and Dishwasher Wars began.

A few days later Jake and I together clocked in at 46 seconds.
(I should probably confess that our load was much smaller than the one Cameron and Jake had unloaded together.)

Not long after Cameron and Jake went for another record. Grace, Emma, and I all cheered.
The result?
Cameron has pointed out the possibility that our children may start running dishwasher loads with only one or two items to make the records easier to break.

Maybe he's right. For now, I'll just enjoy the extra kitchen help.

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