Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Super Cleaners to the Rescue?

Saturday morning is a time at our house when I insist on subjecting my children to work, responsibility, cleanliness, and organization. The kids all have their Saturday morning job charts, and I am usually busy with laundry or other housework that I've been trying to find a spare moment to attack.

Thus Saturday morning isn't always heralded with joy and rejoicing. Sometimes it seems the kids lay awake at night scheming new ways to whine and wheedle their way out of their jobs. And I wake up praying for the energy to survive it all.

So on a recent Saturday as I was walking Grace through the finer points of cleaning the kids' bathroom, I noticed how Jake was dressed.

Yep, Superman shirt on the front and Superman cape in the back. Perhaps he thought super powers would help him get through things a bit quicker?

The girls joined in, and it was just cute.

Perhaps the next time I need to do some deep cleaning, I'll borrow a cape. 

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