Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Nine Years

Abby and I were driving to the store this week.

Abby: Mom, is the world moving?

Me: Yes, sweetheart, the world is moving.

Abby: How does it move?

Me: Um, that's a Daddy question.

Abby: What do you mean?

Me: I mean Daddy knows more about the world moving than I do.

And then I thought silently to myself, "English majors are content to know that the world is moving and then go on to dissecting symbolism in great works of literature. Engineers are much more concerned with what makes the world move."

Nine years ago today Cameron and I walked out of the temple giddily holding hands, completely elated to be married.
Nine years later I am more grateful than ever that I married my perfect complement.

Where I am weak, he is strong. He answers the questions I can't and does things I can't do. He is a thoughtful, loving husband. He wrestles, tickles, gives piggy back rides, reads to, praises, and prays with our kids. On top of all this, he can answer all the questions the universe can present to young minds. Wow, did I do well or what? Thank goodness I have him forever.

Happy anniversary, darling! I love you!

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