Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Powers of Darkness Beware

There's a monster in my basement. Of this my kids are absolutely convinced. For a long time we tried reasoning with them and promising that if they ever actually saw a monster we would take them out for ice cream. That got us nowhere...not even to the ice cream parlor.

So a few months ago I decided to start playing along. I named the basement monster Larry. I told the kids that Larry had pinkie promised me that he wouldn't eat my kids. I wish I could say that this fixed the fear, but it didn't. But it did give us something to laugh about.

Then recently I needed something from the basement. The kids were dispatched to get it. Jake went down wildly waving Cameron's light saber through the air, his sisters following on his heels. Within seconds shouts of, "Be gone, Larry!" were heard.
Grace came back up to report that there had been lots of bad guys but they were all gone now.

Powers of darkness beware. He's armed. He's dangerous. And he shows no mercy.

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