Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Finding the Joy

Recently Cameron and I were having one of those late-night (read: after 9pm) talks where we discuss our family, our goals, and our progress. Cameron expressed the sentiment that if we're not generally happy on most days (minus moments of stress, the occasional all-out bad day, etc.) we might want to change some things. I shared with him my moments of joy from taking care of the kids that day. And the next day, the concept of joy in small moments stuck with me.

Joy is watching Abby and Grace sit on Cameron's legs while he does sit ups. They giggle, bounce, and rock, and I wonder how I got such a wonderful husband and such cute, happy girls.

Joy is watching Grace try to play with Emma, who is laying innocently in the middle of my bed. Grace gets right up in Emma's face and announces that she is a monster who is going to eat Emma. Emma remains unfazed by this threat, and Grace continues happily talking to her.

Joy is listening from the next room while Abby "reads" Grace a book.

Joy is getting spontaneous love notes from Jake.
Joy is racing boisterously around the house giving the kids piggy-back rides.

Joy is having Emma smile at me...or even just look contentedly around the room. (Just about anything she does melts my heart. I'm a sucker for babies.)
Right now I have four children, ages six to zero, and life isn't all that easy. But there are lots of moments of joy that shine through all the hard work. When I count my blessings, those four awesome kids and terrific husband are at the top of my list.

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