Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Law of Decreasing Intelligence

Lately I like to quip about what our life will be like in another 13 years when we have three teenage girls under one roof. Then I had an experience that prompted me to just be grateful we've had three girls in a row. I call the principle the Law of Decreasing Intelligence.

It was a lovely fall day, and I had decided to take the kids to a local living history sort of farm to see the animals and enjoy the nice autumn weather. When it was time to go Jake and a friend were engrossed by a serious Lego construction project. So I invited Jake's friend to join us on our outing.

I wasn't sure if I was delusional or Supermom for taking five kids under the age of seven out in public. But away we went, and it all was going well enough. Once we got to the farm I noticed the boys collecting several sticks. They started out using the sticks for little sword fights. But soon the sticks were used to poke at the goats. Then they were catapulted into the chicken cages and a couple of the fowl narrowly avoided being clonked by raining missiles. I couldn't get the kids on to the next thing quickly enough.

And thus I realized that while Jake by himself might make reasonably good decisions, if he is paired with another little boy the sum total of their intelligence decreases.
In a few more years I will have three teenage girls and perhaps I will need to seek shelter from the hormones and melodrama. For now I'll just be grateful for only one son and only occasional subjection to the Law of Decreasing Intelligence.

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