Monday, August 19, 2013

Bikes, Paint, and Superman

Shortly before Jake turned four we bought him a little bike. In the week leading up to Jake's birthday Cameron disassembled the entire bike and painted it green with a yellow stripe so Jake could have a John Deere bike. (Jake's John Deere obsession was young at that point but extremely vibrant.) Jake was thrilled with his birthday present that year.
Jake on his fourth birthday
Then recently we bought Jake a much bigger bike, and Abby needed a little princess bike. Cameron again disassembled the entire bike and painted it pink and purple with a final coat of sparkles. Abby is in heaven.
I love seeing the kids' faces light up when Daddy gets their bike just right. I love seeing Abby so giddy and happy as she cruises all over on her new wheels. And I feel pretty lucky to be married to a Superman who can wield screwdrivers and cans of paint so darn handily. I am a lucky woman.

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