Thursday, July 25, 2013

To the Moms at Storytime

I love taking my kids to story time at the library. Barring illness or major scheduling conflicts, we're there every week. I love librarians who work so hard to prepare worthwhile books, finger plays, songs, and art projects. And I love mom watching. There are a lot of awesome moms out there. But story time at the library this week touched my heart even more deeply than usual.

I saw a mom who I am casually acquainted with bring in her 19-month-old twins and her two older children. One of the twins has some special needs, so she signed the whole program for him...all while juggling her other children.

I saw a mom with an active little boy in a leg cast and a newborn try to help her son participate while still caring for her infant.

I saw another casual acquaintance who is the mother of a toddler and a special-needs 5-year-old son who can now walk with the assistance of a walker. Somehow she always manages to give her daughter love and attention while juggling the assorted needs of her son. I wonder if I would exhibit the patience, love, and grace she always manages.

I saw a former coworker helping her three little kids with the story time art project. Afterwards she took them to a park and read and snuggled with one of them on a bench while the others played. There's something heartwarming about a mom spending one-on-one time with a child.

As I watched one of these mothers leave the library with her little brood I smiled and called out after her, "You're doing a good job!" I wish I could hug every mother there and tell her the same thing.

Motherhood is consuming and exhausting with little moments of love, hope, and joy that make the sacrifices and fatigue completely worth it.

Watching mothers who are willing to dig deeper to find previously unknown levels of patience and love inspire me and fill me with hope for the world. As long as there are mothers who are willing to love and sacrifice, their children will light up the world with peace and love. And the world will be a brighter place because there was a dedicated mother there.

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