Monday, June 10, 2013

To Each Their Own Disorder

Grace is enjoying all the delightful mobility of toddlerhood this spring as she climbs to the top of the highest slide at every park we visit. I have always been a bit afraid of heights, and I usually stand nearby wringing my hands and encouraging her to come down the slide instead of lingering near the top where she could topple down the nearest ladder or climbing wall.

Sometimes I wonder what disorders my children will develop courtesy of my idiosyncrasies. But it seems that my fear of heights isn't yet one of them.
Grace was at the top of the play set in our backyard one day. She got a little too close (for my comfort) to the edge. "Back up a bit, Gracie. That's not safe," I called from the ground.

Grace obediently stepped back, then leaned over and whispered, "Monsters."

Monsters. Fear of heights. To each their own disorder.

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