Monday, June 17, 2013

My Last Encounter with Green Smoothies

Saturday night, approximately 10 o'clock. I was feeling seriously hungry, and nothing in the house appealed to me. So my sweet husband ran to the store for salad and smoothie ingredients--two things that pretty much always sound good.

Unfortunately, he ran into a neighbor at the store who convinced him that spinach is good in smoothies. He came home raving about all the iron I would be consuming courtesy of the spinach.

I refrained from making gagging noises as Cameron whipped up a peach-banana-spinach concoction.

Cameron told me it was going to be so good I would need to apologize to our neighbor for all the disparaging remarks I was making about his culinary ideas.

"Bring it on," I said.

But as Cameron poured this lovely swamp-colored sludge for me, even he admitted it looked like something from a Calvin &Hobbes strip.
"Apologize" is not quite the word to describe the next conversation I plan to have with my neighbor.

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