Thursday, April 4, 2013

Our Favorite General Conference Snack

When I was growing up (back during the Stone Ages in the remote land of Anchorage, Alaska), general conference was what you went and sat in a dark stake center to watch. It wasn't exactly the highlight of a young child's life every six months.

Fast forward a few decades, and we work really hard to make general conference fun at our house. It certainly helps that we can watch it in our jammies from the comfort of home. But let's be honest--fun and food are nearly synonymous to small children (or is that just people in general?) We have lots of general conference food traditions around here. But one thing that ubiquitously runs throughout is what we like to call Conference Corn.
You take a big bowl of popcorn. (We just pop some on the stove. You don't want anything with a heavy flavor here.) Combine it with a medium-sized bag of Fritos and half of a big box of Corn Pops. Melt some white chocolate, drizzle it all over, and stir to combine.
We usually make a big batch on Saturday morning and eat it all day. Then we make another big batch on Sunday morning. By Sunday afternoon, we feel fine about not seeing the stuff for another six months. But it keeps us all awake and happy. And in between kids' spills on the picnic blankets we spread around the room, it even lets us catch a few talks and take a few notes.

Happy conference everyone...and please pass the conference corn!

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