Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine Festivities

Valentine's Day festivities are in full swing over here, and I am loving it. Last week Cameron helped Jake make these pancakes.
Later Jake put together a little Valentine's scavenger hunt with whatever candy he could find in our pantry (pretty slim pickings, unfortunately).
On Saturday Cameron took Abby to a daddy daughter dance. I am lucky to have a husband who is such a devoted father and wants to teach our daughters how they deserve to be treated.
Jake went on a double date--he took me and Grace to Arctic Circle. He actually asked me for a haircut early in the afternoon--"so I can look good for our date." What a cutie. He was a pretty decent gentleman and got a big stack of napkins for us without being asked. (The napkin supply proved to be critical when Grace got impatient with her ice cream cone and took a bite out of the bottom so she could enjoy both ends at the same time. Because there were so many napkins on hand, the ensuing display of gravity was more humorous than frustrating.)
I am grateful for a wonderful husband and terrific kids. And I am grateful to be in a season of life where we can enjoy all these fun festivities together. Motherhood is a good deal.

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