Thursday, February 7, 2013

Stop and Savor the Honey

Abby is a delightfully happy little girl with a very active imagination.
I am a somewhat rushed and frazzled mother of young children.
Sometimes our worlds collide, like this winter when Abby has wanted to stop to sample local snowdrifts every time we get in the car, and I am usually trying to get little people loaded quickly so we're not late for our next commitment.

Then one day I was reading House at Pooh Corner to the kids and found this lovely little exchange between Tigger and Roo, who were out for a morning walk together.

Tigger: “But we mustn’t stop now, or we shall be late.”

Roo: “Late for what?”

“For whatever we want to be in time for,” said Tigger, hurrying on.

Sometimes I fear that I rush Abby too often or too unnecessarily. Perhaps I am a bit too much like Tigger. 

Then one morning I was loading the dishwasher and Abby was supposed to be emptying the breakfast plates from the table. I paused before hurrying her along and noticed her running her finger through the honey left on Jake’s plate. She slowly licked the honey from her finger, arranged his fork and spoon just so on his plate, and started chatting happily about her dance class. I was grateful I bit my tongue and witnessed her deliberate enjoyment (even if it was her brother’s plate) and contented conversation.

Sometimes I need to take a lesson from Abby or Roo. Stop, savor the honey, enjoy the moment, and don't let it pass. 

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