Monday, December 10, 2012

Seven Years

Seven years ago today I awoke early. Cameron called me while I was driving to my hair appointment--somewhere around 6:45am. He joked that he had always been an early riser. We still laugh about it because we both know he actually isn't a morning person at all--we were both just so excited to be getting married that day.
He picked me up from my hair appointment and we drove to the temple talking giddily about how happy we were and what a perfect day it was. It was the beginning of many incredibly wonderful days and a few miserable ones. Through pregnancies, sleepless nights, juggling little people's needs, temper tantrums, sick kids, cancer trauma, and ocular dismemberment, he has been incredibly steady, selfless, and faithful. Thank goodness I found him. Seven years later I still think I am one lucky wife!

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