Thursday, September 6, 2012

What Do You Love?

Recently I was watching Grace take a bath. She adores water and had a look of serious concentration on her face as she made huge splashes. I laughed out loud as I watched. I thought of this book:

It's a sweet, rhyming journey about what a dog and his mother love to do together. My kids love it.

Then I started to think about all the things I love in my life right now.

I love listening to Jake tell me what he does in kindergarten each day. I love watching him build creations out of Legos, blocks, boxes, or whatever he has on hand. I love listening to his descriptions of what he just made. He has a brilliant mind (he got that from Cameron), and I love the little peeks I get into what goes on inside.
I love the way Abby curls up to me when I pick her up--it is a feeling of sheer contentment. I love listening to her sing to herself or hearing the things she pretends. I love it when she walks into the room with a doll in her arms, all wrapped up in a blanket, while she pats and rocks it to sleep. It melts my heart.
I love watching Grace walk around discovering things. I love the way she claps whenever someone says "Hooray" or "Yay" or even "Happy birthday". I love the way she wildly waves her feet and arms and breathes harder whenever she gets excited about something--whether it's a banana she wants to eat or going to play outside. She is a lively, happy little soul, and I love it.
I love it when Cameron smiles at me and says, "How did I get you?" or "I'm so proud of you." I love it when he surprises me with a special date. I love it when he takes care of the kids on a weekend morning so I can sleep in. I love the deep, soul-binding conversations we have at times when I know that I married my perfect complement, and I can't wait to journey through eternity with him.
I love it when my kids play together well. I love it when they share. I love it when one of them chooses to be a peacemaker or do something to serve someone. I love reading books to my kids. I love it when we are all playing together and Cameron and I look at each other and smile, and for a moment everything in the world is right.

Life is not always easy. But I am blessed, and there is much in my life to love.

What do you love?

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