Wednesday, August 22, 2012

No Debate Here

I know that in some circles hereditary and environmental factors are debated in gender traits. At our house, we've never had to wonder.

Shortly after turning one, Jake became obsessed with construction and farm equipment. At age three he developed fierce loyalty to John Deere. And he still often claims that he will be a construction worker when he grows up. (We smile and say, "Oh, really?")

The summer Abby turned one she spontaneously started slinging purses up her arm and toting dolls around. She still likes to carry, pat, rock, and put her dolls to sleep. It's adorable.

Now at age one Grace wants nothing to do with Jake's rather impressive tractor collection. But she goes nuts when she sees Abby's hair bows. She often motions for us to put several bows or headbands on her at once.

She loves purses...

And hats...

And dolls.

Heredity or environment? No debate here.

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