Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas Gifts to Jesus (A Wonderful Christmas Tradition)

One of our most-cherished Christmas traditions began back when we were a blissfully happy twosome, expecting our first child. It was Christmas Eve, and Cameron realized he hadn't gotten a stocking stuffer for me. So after I went to bed he stuffed my stocking full of notes. On Christmas morning I was greeted by sweet notes--like one he had written from us to Jesus, giving the baby boy we were expecting to Him. To this day, reading these notes still makes me emotional.
Now for as long as I can remember we have been gathering as a family on Christmas Eve to write down our gifts to Jesus. We like to remind the kids about this in the days and weeks leading up to the event so they can be thinking of what they would like to do.

When all the gifts have been written down we stuff them in Jesus' stocking--a simple hand-crocheted stocking that was made for me many years ago by a roommates' mom. Throughout the year the stocking hangs in our kitchen. Every so often we'll pull it down, get all the gifts out, and make sure everyone remembers what they've promised to work on.
This year Jake made a goal to read the whole Book of Mormon through by Christmas. He has developed a habit of borrowing our phones at night to listen to the scriptures on the gospel library app before bed. Often we have gone in and found it still running after he has fallen asleep. Last Sunday Cameron and I sat and read Moroni 10 with him to help him finish his goal. We are so proud of our boy!
 Abby took a cue from Jake's gift and wanted to read the whole Book of Mormon Stories reader. I have loved snuggling up with Abby (and anyone else who comes to join) to read through this throughout the year. We finished that last Sunday, too.
My goal was to memorize The Family: A Proclamation to the World. Wow, I love the pure doctrine in that document!

I love seeing different family members working on their gifts. And I love working on my own gifts and trying a little harder to be more like Jesus. That should be what Christmas is about all year long!

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