Monday, November 23, 2015

Why I Listen to Christmas Music Early

Last fall someone was commenting to us about hearing Christmas music being played in a public venue.

"It's not even Thanksgiving yet. Can you believe that? Isn't that silly?"

I was quiet. But Abby pitched in and said, "We've been listening to Christmas music."

Yes, that's right, I start listening to Christmas music before Halloween.

I love Thanksgiving as much as the next person. I believe in teaching my children the value of gratitude and appreciation for the sacrifice of the pilgrims and others who have gone before. I think it's sad when Black Friday excitement eclipses Thanksgiving. I believe that Thanksgiving should get full attention.
But I also believe that the true spirit of Christmas is the spirit of gratitude and thanksgiving. Spending more time pondering the miraculous birth in Bethlehem makes me more grateful and fills me with a greater desire to reach out and bless others. When I think of what I'm grateful for, Jesus Christ and His gospel are at the top of my list. I scratch my head sometimes when people seem determined to keep Jesus at bay until appropriately honoring the Pilgrims. I think even the Pilgrims would agree we got that one backwards.

So I often listen to Christmas music in my car and around our house from October through February. Our family loves sitting in the living room singing Christmas hymns throughout both November and December. I rejoice in the opportunity to teach our children to rejoice in Christ.

May we all give thanks for our Savior, the bountiful earth He made for us and the free country He has given us. Happy Thanksgiving!

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