Monday, July 20, 2015

Forewarned Is Fair Warned

Don't you love summer? Hikes. Bike rides. Playing at parks and splashing at splash pads. Lots and lots of outdoor play. I love letting my kids play around our yard, house, and neighborhood with their friends in the summer.

Cameron recently quadrupled the size of our sandbox and the kids have been having a blast. I love watching them play out there and seeing the castles they build. (I don't love sandy floors and muddy walls, but that's not the point of this post.)
Jake brought water out to fill his moat and topped the tower with a flag. It was pretty fun. 

Shortly after expanding our sandbox Cameron, Abby, Grace, Emma and I were out there playing together one evening. Cameron buried Abby in the sand, and she thought it was great.
After taking this picture Cameron said, "OK, Abby, now look really sad."

Abby: "Why?"

Cameron: "So we can show this picture to your friends who come over and tell them that's what we do to kids who aren't nice around here."
Forewarned is fair warned.

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