Monday, May 18, 2015

What a Year Can Do

Last fall Jacob started on his first soccer team--the Great White Sharks. He had a good coach and a wonderful first season. We were proud of him for hustling after the ball and even getting a winning goal in one of his games.

But there was one little problem. His games were outside and my sweet Emma did not appreciate the sunlight. We tried sitting in shade and arming ourselves with hats, sunglasses, and umbrellas. But eventually I would always end up trying to entertain her in the car for at least part of Jake's games. I wanted to watch him play but I just couldn't.

This spring the Great White Sharks have returned to the field, and Jake is having fun. And I still can't get over how contentedly Emma sits on my lap during the games, wearing her shades and feeling good about life. It's more than I would have hoped for last year.
Sometimes life is wonderful and everything seems to be going well. Sometimes life is hard and we wonder when it will ever get better. In those times it's good to remember that you never know the difference that a few months will make.

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