Monday, April 13, 2015


Eight years ago this morning I woke up in labor. I figured it wasn't the real thing. After all, my due date was two weeks away. And as good as it sounded to be done with the pregnancy, having a baby on Friday the 13th wasn't in my plans. (I think one of the first lessons of parenting is that things don't go how you planned. But since our first little guy was still in utero, I didn't know that yet.) Much to my surprise my labor that day was the real thing. But since it was my first labor, we didn't become parents for another day. And then we had our beautiful baby Jacob.
It was an eye-opening ride of sleepless nights and desperate days in the beginning. I never knew babies could be so loud, demanding, and relentless. But we learned a few things in the process. And now through eight years of parenting, I am so incredibly lucky to be this boy's mom.

Sometimes his faith and goodness just blow me away. He is always the first to remember to pray when something is lost. He naturally wants to serve and help people. He naturally wants to do what is a couple weeks ago when we were going to his grandma's house for conference Sunday. He started out the morning in sweat pants and a tee shirt with a slogan on it, but then he traded the tee shirt with a polo shirt because he thought a shirt without a slogan might be more reverent on Sunday. (Wow. I was blown away by his thoughtfulness when he told me that.)

He is oh so excited to be in scouts. We went and bought his uniform a few weeks ago. He passed off all the requirements for his bobcat the week he got the book. He is motivated, driven, and a hard worker.
I love seeing him build with his Legos, his Engino kit, or whatever else he has on hand. I love seeing him play with his sisters or shoot hoops with his friends. I feel so proud when he opens doors for people or helps the neighbors with little things. He is a wonderful boy.
We are so glad he is ours.

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