Monday, April 6, 2015


With two older sisters, it is Emma's common lot in life to be constantly hauled from one imaginary social engagement to the next--tea parties, dress-up parties, etc. Abby and Grace love playing with their little sister, and she loves playing with them. Sometimes Emma is the playmate and little sister. Sometimes she is their doll. They both love to get Emma from her crib when she wakes up. Abby loves to carry Emma on her shoulder. Grace loves to help Emma up onto things. They are a delightful little trio of girlishness.
Recently I walked through the living room where I found my two little mothers had been caring for their baby sister.
The bamboo plant that usually graces the coffee table had been removed and replaced with the diaper changing pad (retrieved from the changing table). Complete with a container of wipes and a bottle of hand sanitizer, they were changing Emma's diaper. All too used to their antics, Emma didn't complain.

All mothers should be so blessed.