Wednesday, March 25, 2015

All Boy

It would be pretty easy for life to turn into Princessville around here. Dresses. Heels. Crowns. Magic wands. Dolls. Blankets. Stuffed animals. It's a little girl's paradise.
But every once in a while there are signs that remind us that it isn't all fairies and fantasy at our house

Like when Jake takes matters into his own hands and fixes the broken baby lock for me. (I didn't even have to ask.)
A boy needs his tools...

Or performs some minor surgery on the sewing machine...

Or when our garage door becomes the target for all the neighborhood Nerf guns/bows and arrows/other miscellaneous weapons...
Better the garage door than the window, I guess. 
Amidst all of the pink and sparkles, I am grateful for a son who is all boy.

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