Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Muddy But Perfect

Jake and Abby have been in swim lessons lately, and it's been wonderful. Jake and Abby can play in the pool for a half hour before and after their lesson, and Emma, Grace, and I are allowed to be in there playing with them. It's been delightful.
The kids love their goggles so much they wear them all over the house
Of course, I might also mention that trying to get four small children with their accompanying bags full of swim gear, towels, and clean underwear to the pool on time a couple times a week (after a full day of schoolwork) would make a great Olympic-level event for professional organizers.

So recently we had pulled into the pool parking lot and all the kids were running towards the pool. Jake dropped his towel on the way, and Grace picked it up and started running after him. Jake's beach towel is nearly twice as tall as Grace, so the edge of it started to drag on the ground.

I started to cringe at the thought of Jake drying off with a muddy towel. But then my heart took a step back and I viewed it through a different lens.

Ten years ago I would scarcely have dared dream that I would be so blessed--a wonderful husband and four delightful children. To top it all off, I get to stay home and homeschool them, and sometimes we end our days all playing at the pool together. Wow. Life doesn't get much better in my opinion.

Perfectly muddy or muddy but perfect? It's wonderful either way.

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