Thursday, October 10, 2013

I Never Knew I Would Love It

It had been another week at the library--storytime followed by checking out armloads of books for the kids (plus a few for myself.)
We headed out into the sunshine, but Abby stopped on the steps outside. A mother and a couple kids were heading inside, and one of her little boys had a prosthetic leg that was clearly visible beneath his shorts. Abby stared and stared as the boy scampered obliviously up the stairs and into the building.

"Abby," I said. "Isn't that cool? That boy has a special leg just like I have a special eye."

Of course, this label launched us into a discussion about why the boy had a "special" leg. I offered a few suggestions. And, as I always do in such scenarios, I felt grateful to the tips of my toes for the opportunity to show our kids that different is OK.

I am always the first to admit that cancer is no fun and no one should have to go through what we went through. And yet, so often I am grateful I have a personal experience to relate as I try to demonstrate for our children that different is OK. Sometimes it's wonderful. Before my cancer I don't know how I would have responded to Abby staring at that little boy. But now such little experiences are priceless teaching moments.

I never knew how much cancer could teach me. I never comprehended the depths I would discover or the joy that would follow our sorrow. I never knew how much I would love sharing the things I have learned.

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