Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Worth of Five Minutes

It was late afternoon on a Friday, and Cameron and I were both looking forward to our weekly date that evening. Our sitter was due to arrive in just over an hour. But in the mean time I had dinner to make and mouths to feed. And I had been promising Jake that we would try a new cake recipe we had been eyeing. I was scurrying around the kitchen when Abby came in.

"I want you to push me on the swings," she announced.

I paused for a quick moment. It was blazing hot in our back yard, and I really had no desire to go outside. I had a lot to accomplish in a short time. I was thinking about formulating a perfectly valid excuse. Instead I said, "How many pushes do you want?"

Abby held up all ten fingers.

Hmmmm, I thought. How long could it possibly take to push her ten times? We headed outside together.
I pushed her higher and higher (a lot more than ten times). I swung on the swing next to her. Jake came out to join us, and eventually I left the two of them happily swinging together.

I don't think I was outside for more than five minutes. But oh, what five minutes are worth in the eyes of a child.

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