Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Little Thought on Optimism

People are funny sometimes. It seems from the moment we started telling people we were expecting a baby in August I was met with countless tales of how miserable it is to be pregnant in the summer. Sometimes I wonder why people feel compelled to share such dour sentiments.

Perhaps as a show of rebellion, when spring arrived and temperatures started warming up, I adopted a stubbornly sunny view of my situation. When people kept telling me how miserable I was going to be, I would say, "This is just one summer, and babies are forever."

We recently returned from a little weekend family camping trip, and this is what the forecast looked like back at home:

Please note the projected high of 110, with temperatures remaining in the triple digits as far as the eye can see. I grimly decided that surely it's not going to stay this hot all summer, and highs in the 80s are probably just around the corner.

Then I realized how stubbornly optimistic I was being and wished I could apply that trait to my kids' behavior.

"With just a little course correction this irritating bout of ingratitude is practically on its way out the door."

"No child potty trains forever. Surely mine won't be the exception."

"With lots of love (and some good, firm boundaries) this defiance will be just a passing phase."

"No kids are perfect. Why should mine be?"

Yep. No shortage of areas for me to start applying my stubborn optimism. 

I love this thought shared by Dr. Glenn Latham in his book Christlike Parenting (which if you haven't read, you really should): "What every parent must realize is that today is not forever."

And, of course, there's always that catchy little tune from everyone's favorite red-headed orphan, Annie--The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow. 

Yes, this summer is hot, but soon our baby will be here and everything will be worth it.

Yes, my children are little works-in-progress. But so are their parents. 
And as long as I can keep remembering that, brighter days are always ahead. 

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