Thursday, March 14, 2013

When I Am 80...

It wasn't an atypical night at our house. Grace had just finished smearing her cheesy potato soup all through her hair and clothes and was heading for another post-meal bath. Abby was giddy at the opportunity to join her sister in the tub. I smiled. Abby and Grace play together beautifully and are a great joy to us. Yes, having kids every two years is difficult. But we are so grateful that has been the spacing for our kids. We love watching them play and grow together. For us, the joy is worth the sacrifice.
Then I thought of a conversation Cameron and I had held the previous evening. He had overheard a group of teenagers discussing crushes and teen romance. Cameron longed for a way to tell the youth that it really might be better if they were just friends with each other. Of course, convincing teens of such a concept is no small task. What teen isn't just sure that they know more than they do? Life, Cameron and I decided, requires us to make choices with wisdom beyond our years. Teens and young adults make choices that will affect them for years, but they lack the life experience and understanding to comprehend the importance of what they are doing.

So it is with parenting. Parenthood is full of choices and sacrifices that will affect generations. Do we understand the magnitude of our daily actions? I am sure I don't. But I am also sure that when I am 80 any career I have had won't matter much. I won't remember how much my kids' lacking cleanliness drove me crazy. I won't remember sleepless nights or desperate moments. But if Cameron and I have done a good job at loving, sacrificing, and teaching our children, we will be deeply grateful.
Cameron and Jake spent Christmas day constructing this model truck. 
And on that note, I'm going to end this blog post and go spend time with my kids.

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