Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Aftermath

Closed doors. Hushed voices. Whispered negotiations: bartering, trading, back and forth, shared halves. Resolution.

Bedroom floors that look like this.
Trash cans that look like this.
Pillaging babies that look like this.
Other than a few minor altercations and a toddler tantrum or two, the Halloween aftermath hasn't been too bad around here. I don't like all the scary, gory images that are associated with Halloween. But I do love seeing my kids dressed up gleefully running from house to house. I love the fairly peaceful transactions that have occurred as they have reached compromises and shared treats. And I especially love hearing Jake say to Abby, "Stop eating so much candy! You've got to save some to decorate our gingerbread houses." Yep. Halloween is a winner.

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